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My interest in the body-mind-soul connection and the Integral Development of Being has led me to a path of training, research and years of experience in this field. My approach is defined by the search and implementation of practices that facilitate the human being to find and develop their true capacity and potential in the personal and professional field. I am qualified in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Biodanza, Core Process, Transpersonal Therapy, Coaching, NLP, Anthroposophy, CBT and Psychodrama. All of them humanistic and transpersonal approaches. Through these different qualifications, I have had the opportunity to develop my skills and use them in different environments. From teenagers at risk to executives of multinational companies, to women and men of all ages who seek to live a healthy and full life. My purpose is to be a loving guide, using a wide range of interventions and techniques to accompany in the way of finding and expressing the true identity and the unlimited potential. I thank the people who seek my guidance and support and I feel blessed to be invited to share your journey of self-discovery.

Where are you now and where do you want to be?

You have the power and possibility to live a fulfilling life and you can start now.

Committing to a process through which obstacles are removed, steps are mapped, strategies are followed on and aspirations are accomplished. With the suitable guidance, you will own your existence


Whether you are unemployed, self employed or simply employed, there are always improvements you can create to shift from satisfaction to bliss.  Identifying the bigger image of your reality now, the patterns preventing your best performance and implementing appropriate actions, you can reach the professional projection that you desire. 

One of the essential ingredients to being a successful leader is to have direct influence in the potential growth and performance of others. Discover how to access and facilitate success beyond the circumstances.  Learn how to manage the present conditions as an opportunity.


Here and Now, the only time, the only way

Becoming one with the present instant, fully opens the possibility of transformation.

Only by surrendering and committing to the only real moment that we hold, can we access the endless resource of wisdom, intuition, experience and abundance that nourish our Responsibility, our Response–Ability, our capacity to respond to life in the wiser, more effective way we can, considering the current circumstances and who we are now.












As long as you keep reacting to life mechanically, from the robotic, lacking in creativity frame of mind from which you have done before, you will get exactly the same, disappointing results. Be clear about something, when doing this, you are just reinforcing the sensation of hopelessness, frustration and victimhood, which serve as an excuse to failure, disappointment and to giving up your dreams, settling for less and unhappiness.

When we commit to living big, realizing the dream, becoming a role model to those around us and being the real protagonist of our existence, there is the need to shift our normal patterns of thinking and relating to life. Our behaviours are greatly influenced and conditioned by our experiences and beliefs. We need to move towards the significant higher perspective from where existence acquires a whole fresh spectrum of opportunities. Only then, the old patterns can renovate, the standard zombie responses will modify to a fresh approach and the results will be remarkable.    HERE is the key to the breakthrough that transmutes everything, being finances, relationships, health or personal serenity and NOW is the moment. You are Here, Now. You are ready. Welcome.

For more than a year, I had the opportunity to be part of Guahara’s Biodanza Classes. Guahara shows the utmost respect to the speed of the personal growth process of each participant. The quality of attention to that aspect of me, and my journey, gave me the impression to be natural in her. Maybe it's a learned ability, I do not know, but it felt so natural that I dare to say it's something innate in Guahara. I always felt cared for and RESPECTED. From my soul, I thank her for that attention. 


                                   Miguel Rodriguez.

My encounter with Biodanza was through Guahara. It was a very meaningful experience since, from that day my life has changed so much. I have put aside my sense of the ridiculous. I have become a free person, confident, understanding, a fighter, and a team player. And the best thing about it after a Biodanza class I always go to bed smiling and looking forward to the next session.


                                     Anastacia Surita.

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Rewire The Journey Workshop
Discover the connection between your emotions and your actions to transform the relationship with yourself, with others and with life.

Receive and be grateful for each Gift.
Sometimes our compulsive need to seek approval, to be loved and accepted, makes us find it easier to give than to receive. We tend to please the other to be happy, more than we please ourselves. However, the balance between giving and receiving is not only healthy, but necessary if we want sustainable relationships. To reach consciousness and give altruistically and above all ....

“Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start ”
                                                                           Nido Qubein

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Tutorial introductorio de apoyo al proceso terapeutico y a la aceptacion a traves del autoperdon y del perdon a otros seres. En este video hablaremos de como el perdon es una herramienta muy poderosa de liberacion, necesaria para la evolucion psicologica, emocional y espiritual. Encontraras en este video el link para una meditacion guiada espcifica para facilitarte este proceso de perdon.


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