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It is important to recognize the significance of ceremonies in our personal lives, to mark births, marriages, divorce, deaths, moving houses or countries and other life events, as well as transitions at personal and professional level. Rites of passage help us adjust to change. Organising a meaningful celebration entitles an interaction where you will share your vision, and together we will tailor make the right event to fulfil your expectations. Including a solid background of different traditions, cultures beliefs and religion, and dynamics. I will assist you composing the perfect ceremony. Your level of implication in the whole process can be as much or as little as you desire, however, you are guaranteed to host an impressive, unforgettable and unique happening.

To the examples bellow you can add any of the celebrations mentioned above as well as any other you desire.


Birthday Celebration

Most people cherish the day on which they were born and make a party on that day. The birthday is a yearly opportunity to reconnect with the mission and destiny, to reflect on how we are doing, how life has unravel in front of us and which direction we want to follow.  The birthday can also be utilized to strengthen and increase our sense of identity, uniqueness. To evaluate and be grateful for what we have, and how far we have come. Sharing with your chosen souls, allowing them to express their love for you, or just on your own in your favoured beach, mountain or park. I invite you to develop the good habit of dedicating some thoughts for your life on your birthday. There are uncountable ways to mark that day.


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Welcoming Of
New Child

The birth of a new child is a significant occasion not only for the child himself but also for the people surrounding him. Honouring the moment, setting the intentions and showering the child with blessings and good wishes, will mark a safe, held beginning to life. Including your current beliefs or creating from scratch an eclectic ceremony, you will certainly enhance the arrival and the feeling of unity by celebrating this unique moment of life.  






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 A corporate meaningful celebration is about meeting the managers and employees needs, creating and facilitating the suitable ceremony for your organization. You can use the traditional Christmas company party, to incorporate some team building dynamics and create united teams, or may be you want to mark a new partnership, the opening of a new office, product or service,  reward valued employees, celebrate promotions or retirements, or even honour staffs being let go due to downsizing. The way you manage this events, is an opportunity to highlight the unique values and attitudes as a company. The staff will keep the vivid memory of this special occasion and will reflect it in their performance.


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Helping you to create a ceremony that reflects the wishes, beliefs, cultural background and values - religious or non-religious - of your loved one and your family. You have complete choice and final approval over the ceremony.

Above all a meaningful funeral reflects the wishes of the family and the departed. Its an opportunity to honour death, celebrate life a activate a healing closure.







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