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Welcome to my services page, I appreciate your interest in discovering more about my practice, my proposal, and what I offer. By navigating the links below, you will uncover additional information about the range of opportunities available through my expertise. Choosing the most suitable alternative for you is an essential part of the experience you are chasing, being an event you desire to design, one of my workshops you plan to bring to your city, or a life changing process you are ready to undertake or continue. The time you take to find the best attuned provision for you marks the beginning of your new path. Feel free to contact me if you need any further assistance or guidance.


             “ Recognising what you desire is a huge leading step to accomplishing it "

                                                                                                                                                                                              Guahara Dominguez


A supported journey of love and consciousness to further our understanding of the Psychological mechanisms that bind us to suffering.  A process to helps us discover the depth of our ingrained behaviour patterns and how to transform them into helpful strategies to live a fulfilling life.

We have plenty available tools to support the development of awareness of how we are in the present moment and how we relate to our environment and others, so that we can shift our automatic learnt responses.

With my professional guidance, we will seek to reveal the real person hiding behind the fixed personality. Moving us through the state of anxiety and ordinary human narrowness into mindful, responsible and successful individuals. By completely engaging with this mysterious, yet descriptive, inner journey into ourselves we can reach a state of freedom and peace to live more easily being who we are.

In the links below you will find clarifying information about how the different options work, what to expect and what might be the best route for you.

Please contact me if you need any guidance deciding or for an initial discussion about your actual needs and desires.

Individual Coaching


Coaching is about facilitating, energizing and inspiring performance, learning and development. The coaching process works because the coach fully engages with the client, to provide a valuable contribution, helping to unlock the true potential through awareness of the repetitive patterns, encouraging creative actions, building a can-do attitude. Focusing on the impact that any thought, feeling and intention will have in the performance or goal to achieve.

We will employ an assorted set of tasks to increase the personal and professional growth as well as the greater self-awareness.

The goal of coaching is to guide vision, urge excellence, and empower the

one being coached through establishing a firmer connection with his or her inner leader.

Corporate Coaching


Coaching brings sympathy, benevolence and efficiency into the workplace. Which translates to fulfilment and joy from which both, the individual and organization, benefit. By increasing the team self awareness and methods of interaction, implementing strategies, creativity, and innovative thinking, promoting learning, confidence, trust, cooperation vs. competition  we directly impact in the performance of individuals and teams which reflects in  projects and plans being executed fluently and with excellence. To achieve the business result is important, to achieve it in a way in which each team member learns and develops as part of the process, has a greater value, for the individual and for the organization. The newly acquired or developed set of skills ensures the organization durability and brilliance.  



Biodanza, which means Dance of Life, is a system that integrates music, movement and reliable interactions to provide experiences of penetrating perception of being alive.  These experiences are known as “vivencias”, from the Spanish root meaning a vivid experience.

Biodanza helps rediscovering and developing fundamental human potentials through the use of a sensibly designed and subtle blend of movements and music which allows the participants into a unique experience of intense transformational power. The varied choice of music and exercises or dances, will facilitate access to primal emotions through the movement that emerges as a most natural expression of your true self.

As a psychotherapist, I find, Biodanza promotes the necessary changes and insights in a gentle, joyful, playful way. The process happens through movement and body, no rational analysis is involved, and yet, the major biochemical and neurological rebalancing achieved through the regular exposure to Biodanza will.

Meaningful Celebrations


It is important to recognize the significance of ceremonies in our personal lives, to mark births, marriages, divorce, deaths, moving houses or countries and other life events, as well as transitions at personal and professional level. Rites of passage help us adjust to change.

Organising a meaningful celebration entitles an interaction where you will share your vision, and together we will tailor make the right event to fulfil your expectations. Including a solid background of different traditions, cultures, beliefs and religions, and dynamics, I will assist you composing the perfect ceremony. Your level of implication in the whole process can be as much or as little as you desire, however, you are guaranteed to host an impressive, unforgettable and unique happening. Please notice that you will find a few different options, but any other as the ones mentioned above can also be inlcuded.



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