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Biodanza, which means Dance of Life, is a system that integrates music, movement and reliable interactions to provide experiences of penetrating perception of being alive.  These experiences are known as “vivencias”, from the Spanish root meaning a vivid experience.

Biodanza helps rediscovering and developing fundamental human potentials through the use of a sensibly designed and subtle blend of movements and music which allows the participants into a unique experience of intense transformational power. The varied choice of music and exercises or dances, will facilitate access to primal emotions through the movement that emerges, as a most natural expression of your true self.

As a Psychotherapist, I find that Biodanza promotes the necessary changes and insights in a gentle, joyful, playful way. The process happens through movement and body, no rational analysis is involved, and yet, the major biochemical and neurological rebalancing achieved through the regular exposure to Biodanza will transform you in a different, more attuned and self confident person, gifted to manage everyday life in a more fulfilling approach.

Continuous exposure to Biodanza strengthens your identity and facilitates the expression of emotions. Biodanza can be practiced as an activity to develop, or maintain well-being, and also as a support to any other therapeutic journey that you are undertaking. Its is my believe, based on years of experience, that change can only happen when the whole being is part of it, and this includes, transitioning any process including and updating the body. Posture, movement, psychical memory, needs to be complementary to the emotional and mental development so that integration can fully materialise. 

No dance experience is necessary, as Biodanza encourages own individual expressions to manifest.

Biodanza can help with:
  • Gaining, developing or retaining confidence, awareness, fitness, joy

  • Feeling freer, capable

  • Developing the sense of belonging

  • General emotional health

  • Relaxation and stress management

  • Anger management

  • Communication

  • Relationships

  • Trust issues

What to expect:

Biodanza is practiced in group, most of the time will be held in a nice open Hall, although it can also be practiced outdoors for special celebrations.

The regular Biodanza class takes 2 hours, and it is experience once a week, always with the same regular group.

After a Biodanza class, you will feel at peace with yourself, relaxed, joyful, and set for being!!

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