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Individual Coaching


We can say that the capacity of an individual to achieve their desire goals will most of the time respond to this equation (Potential + attitude - interference). Interference creates a huge gap between the potential and performance. It is usually based on fear, uncertainty and doubt. The individual coaching process will focus the attention of the person aiming to reduce interference, when the attention is focused, the real concentration, where we can perform at our best, starts taking place.

Non-directive coaching involves inspiring, asking effective questions, summarizing, paraphrasing, reflecting, and listening, which will lead to amazing results. Coaching draws upon your inner knowledge, resources and creativity. The coaching is all about helping you to identify and define your specific goals and then organize yourself to attain these goals. By setting clear achievable action, plans with parallel strategies and tools to keep you in track.

Individual coaching can help with:
  • Building your personal skills,

  • Setting goals and action plans

  • Effective communication

  • Decision making and problem solving

  • Health

  • Managing personal relationships


What to expect:

Coaching sessions are energetic, enlightening, inspiring. They can be done face to face, at the office, via Skype or even telephone. The length of the session is 45 to 60 minutes. It can last from 4 weeks to 1 year, starting with weekly session and moving towards monthly sessions.


Coaching sessions can also be set up as a Skype session.


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